Mattress resource recovery

We are collecting old mattresses for processing at our waste facilities. 

Mattresses will be put through a special shredding machine that shreds it into small pieces and uses a magnet to separate out the metal. The metal will be recycled and the shredded foam, wood, plastic, cotton and polyester material will be sent to landfill.

By shredding mattresses we are able to:

  • recover metal for recycling,
  • reduce the volume of the mattress going to the landfill by 80 percent
  • allow more efficient use of landfill
  • prevent damage to machinery at the landfill (wire can wrap around the machinery wheels and cause damage).

What can I do with my old mattresses?

Some charities accept clean mattresses in good condition. Check with them before you take a mattress to them.

Mattresses in clean and good condition can also be taken to our waste facilities where they may be collected for resale at the Recycle Market.

Mattresses not suitable for reuse can be taken to any of our waste facilities for stockpiling ahead of processing.

If I want to take a mattress to a Council waste facility, how is it best to load it on my trailer or ute?

Load the mattress on top of the load to make it easier for waste staff to see the mattress. The mattress can be taken off first before disposing of other general waste. When you arrive let Waste staff know that you have a mattress and they will direct you to the correct area for resale or processing.

Where do I put my mattress when I get to a waste facility?

Each site has a location for resale items and for mattresses processing. Ask our Waste staff where to place your mattress before disposing of your general waste.

If I put my mattress in the big general waste bins at a waste facility, will it be pulled out and shredded?

No, once the mattress is put in the general waste bin it will not be removed for processing. Please make sure you place your mattress in the correct area before disposing of your general waste.

What happens to the metal that is recovered from shredded mattresses?

The shredded metal is sent for recycling with other scrap metal collected at our waste facilities.

Why isn’t the foam, wood or plastic from the mattress recycled?

There are currently no recycling options for shredded foam, wood or plastic from mattress processing. We are investigating other options for recycling these materials.

Will I be charged a disposal fee when I take my mattress to a Council waste facility?

Disposing of a mattress will incur a general waste disposal charge – see our Waste fees and charges brochure.

If the mattress is accepted for resale at our Recycling Market, there will be no charge.

Will someone help me to unload my mattress from my vehicle?

No, for health and safety reasons waste team members cannot help you with unloading.

If I put my mattress out for Kerbside Cleanup will it get shredded?

No, all items put out for Kerbside Cleanup are compacted in the waste truck and go to the landfill.