Media, marketing, advertising and events


Policy objective

Advertising in Council Publications and Electronic Media Including Websites (PDF 122 KB)

This policy makes sure advertising in our publications is appropriate and acceptable to the community's expectations.

Advertising on Wheelie Bins (PDF 121 KB)

To control advertising on Council owned wheelie bins

Advertising Promotion and Publications (PDF 128 KB)

This policy is our response to section 197 (Advertising spending) of the Local Government Regulation 2012 that requires Council to prepare and adopt an advertising spending policy.

Circus Management (PDF 120 KB)

Outlines the requirements for a circus to operate in a park.

Media Engagement (PDF 208 KB)

Media management process

Signage for the Council's Facilities (PDF 121 KB)

To set guidelines for signage on our facilities.

Sponsorship and Promotions (PDF 145 KB)

To establish the framework and guidelines for the development and management of sponsorship and promotional activities for us and our stakeholders

Use of Council Logos and Branding (PDF 123 KB)

To make sure of consistency in the use of our logo and branding

Social Media (PDF 707 KB)

To enhance the use of social media by using best practice standards while also ensuring staff know their responsibilities when using social media. Please see Social Media for more information.