Natural Environment Strategy

The City of Logan Natural Environment Strategy 2021 to 2031 (PDF 6.3 MB) outlines our vision, commitment, overarching direction and strategic plan of action for how Council will work with the community to protect and enhance our natural environment.

Our Vision

The City of Logan’s natural environment is protected, enhanced, connected and celebrated to provide valued spaces for people, plants and animals now and into the future. Our vison will be achieved through delivery of the following 3 strategic outcomes:

  1. Nature is Protected and Enhanced - Our native flora and fauna will always thrive in valued, protected and enhanced natural environments.
  2. Nature is Connected - The natural environment is connected and woven through the City of Logan, bringing the community together with nature.
  3. Nature is Celebrated - Our community works together to enhance and celebrate our natural environment, enjoying it today and preserving it for the future.

We recognise that:

  • our First Nations people have lived and thrived in partnership with nature for tens of thousands of years, and we pay respect to their knowledge, understanding and spiritual connection with our natural environment
  • our strategic intent is to protect and enhance our natural environment in partnership with our community
  • to achieve our vision will require us to demonstrate leadership in environmental sustainability to actively support our community on the journey
  • the more our community celebrates our natural environment, the more we learn, appreciate and engage with nature
  • the more our community connects with nature, the more we will understand, respect and care for nature
  • the value of our varied and thriving natural environment is core to our identity, lifestyle, wellbeing and economy.

Building upon the hard work our community and Council have already achieved to protect and improve our natural environment, Council will target key areas of interest by undertaking priority actions, outlined within this Strategy, to support and achieve the overall vision and outcomes.

Download the Natural Environment Strategy 2021 to 2031 (PDF 6.3 MB)

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