Neighbours of Logan - Good News Stories

These are some of the amazing stories from our Neighbours of Logan Good News Stories competition 2022. Thank you for submitting your wonderful and moving stories!

Neighbours that have become family, the amazing neighbour from Logan Reserve!

“Best Neighbour turned true friend”, says Adeline.

Relocating from overseas in 2015, landed this family with Darryl the amazing neighbour who had moved back into his own house right next door.

Darryl was a wonderful blessing a truly beautiful neighbour!

Almost 8 years on, hand-in-heart we could not have found a more loyal, loving and devoted friend!

Over the years, we made a wonderful friendship based on genuine care for each other whilst respecting each other’s lives and space. Darryl would come to our aid and we to his. We’d come home sometimes to find Darryl kindly mowing our lawn under the blazing Aussie sun! It also became our annual Christmas tradition to have lunch on Christmas Day at Darryl’s place with his family.

The relationship that was built from a simple hello had flourished into a longevity family friendship. Darryl is a delightful neighbour that has gone above and beyond connecting with us.

“This neighbourly friendship is one that I would wish upon all good and decent people!”, Adeline.

Flagstonians by Dianne

When I moved to Flagstone I got a wonderful set of neighbours. We have Australia day and Anzac BBQ's. Easter camping trips and Christmas parties. One neighbour mows the front yards of 7 houses in the street. We range in age from young families to a grandmother who are all so willing to assist each other. Dianne is truly blessed to be amongst a wonderful neighbourhood!

Amazing Stockleigh neighbours by Debbie

Just over 14 years ago my next-door neighbours were walking trying to get baby to deliver before Christmas Day. We met and we started chatting. Over the years kids have been born, friendships made, and favours done. About 4 years ago we were looking at moving house. Our neighbours were also looking for something bigger. Eventually we both bought new blocks of land, only one neighbour between us.

It's friendships like these that are built from a simple hi and getting to know each other that helps give a support network not just to us but to our children, our future.

“Yarrabilba bands together”, says Michelle

Our neighbours are the best neighbours you could ever ask for. Myself and my husband aren’t well. Our neighbours mow our front yard for us. It’s one less thing my husband has to worry about. During the floods my neighbours across the road kept in touch with us to make sure we had enough food. We could not ask for a more caring community.

Windaroo with Denise and Maurice

During Covid lock down every Sunday afternoon at 4:30pm our neighbours would all set in our own driveways and have happy hour together. This was a way of having a laugh outside in the fresh air at the same time social distancing.

Our neighbourhood is an amazing wonderful caring little community. If anyone needs anything others are only too happy to help. We don’t live in each other’s spaces, but we celebrate each other. An elderly neighbour was unable to mow her lawns so we all took turns to mow her lawns and she would come out with a box of chocolates to say thank you.

We look after each other well, even our pets!

From the community in Waterford and the ripple effect of a group of people that exercise together!

We are a group that support one another and happen to get together weekly to burn calories and have fun. Ripples Fitness is a locally owned business, who runs classes in my local park. I joined in August last year and haven’t looked back. I honestly haven’t met a friendlier, supportive bunch!

There are even challenges and social and team events organised. After the floods, we came together to clean up our park, which had flooded up to the basketball courts. There were ducks swimming in there! We brought brooms, shovels, hoses, and blower vacs. We scrubbed, swept, and cleaned the paths and undercover areas to give back in a small way to our neighbours. It was just a ripple in the ocean! But that’s all it takes.

Neighbours of Slacks Creek responds to a community Facebook call out!

As the water rose, I put out a call on our community Facebook page for the owner of a horse and foal in a paddock on our street, within hours a bunch of people who didn't know each other were wading through chest high water to save these animals at 11pm at night. If left, they surely would have died. The next day the neighbours in the street all got together to also rescue sheep who were going under the rising water. 14 sheep were relocated to higher ground, taking 2 hours to catch them all in quite deep water. The owner and caretaker of these animals was already cut off, with over 6 foot deep water all around his house.

Sometimes it takes a crisis for people to band together, Logan is truly an amazing place to live!