Logan Libraries fan a fashion revolution

Logan Libraries is holding a series of workshops as part of Fashion Revolution Week.
Author Jane Milburn will deliver a workshop at Logan North Library during Fashion Revolution Week to encourage everyone to dress for health, well-being and sustainability.

Published: 11th April 2024

A series of workshops focused on fashion waste and sustainability will be hosted by Logan Libraries during April.

The libraries are participating in Fashion Revolution Week, a global movement celebrated in more than 75 countries, from Monday, April 15 to Wednesday, April 24.

Running since 2014, the week is the world’s largest fashion activism movement and encourages everyone to think more about their fashion choices.

City of Logan residents can discover ways to reduce their fashion impact on the environment and their own budgets.

Topics at the workshops include sustainable fashion choices and styling and how to regenerate, mend and upcycle clothing.

An estimated 100 billion new garments, dubbed fast fashion, are produced and sold worldwide annually. On average, Australians buy 56 clothing items each year.

Author and sustainability advocate Jane Milburn will share ways people can reduce their material footprint and regenerate their wardrobe.

The session by the Slow Clothing author will run on Thursday, April 18, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm at Logan North Library with other workshops also being run throughout the week.

Ms Milburn was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2019 to encourage people to investigate ways to reduce fashion waste.

“I want everyone to think about what they wear and move away from fast fashion by dressing for health, well-being and sustainability,” she said.

“People need to be strategic about their purchases and stop buying as much to make a positive environmental impact through their clothing choices and get the best from their existing wardrobe.”

Ms Milburn encourages people to learn how to assemble a wardrobe of garments they want to wear and keep to save them money.

“The most sustainable clothes are those that already exist and are readily accessible through thrifting, mending and re-purposing.

“I encourage people to tweak or tinker with the clothes to adapt them in small ways as it is very soothing to sit down with a needle and thread.”

Bookings are essential for all Fashion Revolution Week events and can be made online at Logan Libraries.

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