Off leash dog parks

The City of Logan’s off leash areas are a place for dogs to responsibly socialise with other dogs. These public places are patrolled regularly by Council officers to ensure our community is being responsible and showing appropriate dog park manners.

Please be responsible and respectful of other dog park users. Dogs must be under effective control at all times. This may be by verbal commands when using off leash areas or using a lead outside these areas.

We have many off leash dog areas across the city for you and your dog to enjoy. To find your nearest off leash dog park please see our parks directory.

Responsible dog park users

Stay alert

Keep an eye on your dog, who they’re playing with and what else is happening in the park. If you’re unsure of the play, call your dog away and leave if you feel uncomfortable or if your dog becomes aggressive or stressed.

Keep gates clear

Please don’t crowd the entrances. This can make it hard for other dog park users to enter and exit. If you see your dog going near the gate, call them back. If another dog is entering, give the dog and its owner space. Please keep your dog on a lead when arriving and leaving

Know dog lingo

Watch how your dog reacts with others to see if they look comfortable. If the play gets too rough, be ready to restrain and remove your dog from the area before things escalate.

Supervise children

Unsupervised children (those under 16 years old) are not permitted in dog parks.

Have effective recall

Calling your dog to you reaffirms your effective recall. This can give them a chance to calm down before going back to play. Your dog should be recall-trained before taking them to a dog off leash area. To download a free dog training app and find out more information about effective recall, visit Leave It.

Remove leashes and loose harnesses

Dogs running with trailing leads or loose harnesses can become tangled. Remove your dog’s lead inside the gate and make sure your dog’s collar or harness is secure.

Pick up after your dog

Leaving your dog’s waste is unsanitary and uncourteous. Please use the provided bags to clean up after your dog.

No female dogs on heat

On heat female dogs will cause disturbances and distract other dogs. Please keep female dogs on heat out of off leash areas.

Use at your own risk

It is not recommended to bring unvaccinated dogs or puppies to a dog off leash area. Since many dogs visit this area, there is a potential risk of exposure to sick dogs and diseases. Remember to vaccinate your dog each year.

It’s okay not to go

If you don’t like dog parks or your dog is not suited to off leash areas, please don’t take them. Having your dog attend a dog park when they are uncomfortable can result in a lack of trust between you and your dog. Remember, declared dangerous or prohibited breeds are not permitted in off leash areas.

Park maintenance

For any park maintenance issues or other enquiries, please call us on 07 3412 3412 or email us at