Park volunteers

Are you interested in caring for your local park or reserve?

Do you want to learn more about the environment and enjoy working outdoors?

Becoming a park volunteer may be for you.

It's a great way for you to give back to your community and help protect your local bushland.

Once you register as a volunteer, you can be involved with as many programs as you like.

BushCare program

The BushCare movement has been active in Logan City since 1998. Volunteers have worked hard to restore our significant conservation areas and protect them for the future.

The program aims to restore natural areas by:

  • controlling weeds
  • establishing new habitat through planting
  • propagating native plants
  • observing and recording native plants and wildlife.

Through the program, volunteers can also learn more about:

  • identifying native plants and wildlife
  • environmental restoration
  • eradicating weeds
  • water monitoring
  • community engagement.

View the BushCare program schedule to find a volunteer group near you.

TrailCare program

TrailCare focuses on maintaining and improving our extensive trail network. Work conducted by volunteers minimises the impacts of trail sports in our conservation areas.

The TrailCare program helps by:

  • maintaining and improving trails
  • minimising erosion impacts
  • controlling weeds
  • educating trail users.

Through the program, volunteers can also learn more about:

  • trail construction and maintenance
  • environmental restoration
  • eradicating weeds
  • community engagement.

View the TrailCare program schedule to find a volunteer group near you.

ParkCare program

ParkCare is an ‘adopt-a-park’ style program. ParkCare volunteers help with the care of our local parks for the benefit of the community.

ParkCare volunteers help by:

  • conducting regular quality checks of our parks
  • supporting proactive educational campaigns
  • assisting with park maintenance and improvements
  • nurturing community use of our parks.

Through the program, volunteers have the opportunity to:

  • socialise with like-minded people
  • improve our parks
  • engage with the local community.

Become a park volunteer

To become a park volunteer please fill in our park volunteer application form