Cities Power Partnership

We have joined 175 other local councils around Australia to form the Cities Power Partnership. 

This free Climate Council program helps member councils to work together to create cleaner cities, a healthier environment and thriving communities. Through this partnership, we have pledged to:

  • install renewable energy on our buildings
  • support community groups to use renewable energy
  • adopt best practice energy efficiency measures
  • collaborate and share knowledge to develop capacity within the community and at other Councils.

For more information about this partnership, please visit Cities Power Partnership.

Queensland Transport and Logistics Council – Hydrogen Working Group (H2Q)

We have signed up as a member of the Hydrogen Working Group (H2Q), a federally-funded initiative to boost hydrogen collaboration across the nation.

H2Q Queensland Hydrogen Cluster is an industry led hydrogen cluster focused on sustainably growing the industry ecosystem in Queensland. With the hub based in Brisbane, H2Q connects firms, the H2 start-up community, academic and research organisations, industry councils and government agencies to contribute to the hydrogen value chain.

For more information about this working group, please visit H2Q.

Climate Change Resilient Alliance                                                                   

In 2021, we led a pilot project to establish a regional Climate Resilient Alliance across South East Queensland after securing funding through the Queensland Climate Resilient Councils grants.

Through this alliance with ten partner councils from South East Queensland, we developed a plan that provides a collaborative and consistent approach to building climate resilience and reducing our carbon footprint across the region. 

The alliance aims to achieve:

  • increased understanding of key climate risks for Council, the City of Logan community and the broader South East Queensland community
  • regional collaboration on identifying the roles and responsibilities for addressing climate risks across the region
  • a region-wide collaborative and cooperative strategy to build climate resilience

For more information, please email us at or call us on 07 3412 3412.