People and culture policies

Policy Policy objective
CEO recruitment, appointment and performance (PDF 227 KB) This policy establishes an equitable and transparent approach to recruiting and managing the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
Code of conduct for staff (PDF 122 KB) Code of Conduct for staff
Employee exchanges (PDF 129 KB) To give employees an opportunity to develop their skills by working in another Council.
Equal employment opportunity (EEO) (PDF 123 KB) To promote equal employment opportunities
Health and safety (PDF 122 KB) To maintain and improve health and safety standards for all staff and who might be affected by our work.
Payment of accumulated sick leave (PDF 122 KB) Guidelines for the payment of accumulated sick leave to affected employees
Use of corporate credit cards and other credit devices (PDF 139 KB) To make sure correct procedures are followed for the use of credit facilities by those authorised credit device holders in the course of official business
Volunteers (PDF 127 KB) To make sure that volunteers are valued and treated equally and fairly
Workplace bullying harassment and anti-discrimination (PDF 148 KB) To make sure that people engaged in our workplaces may work safely and productively in the knowledge that we will not accept, bullying, harassment or discrimination in the workplace under any circumstances
Information Technology Management policy (PDF 142 KB) To provide principles that guide Council in the management of information technology in support of Council’s Corporate Plan