Picture of midges at dusk

Midges, commonly called sand flies, are tiny flying insects that bite.

Midges prefer humid, overcast conditions and usually bite around dusk and dawn. They can get through insect screens. They tend to be less active in windy conditions.

Midges breed in moist soils, which makes treatment almost impossible. You can use organic or natural insecticides around the house such as Pyrethrum. Pyrethrum products are available from most nurseries and hardware stores.

Some tips to help protect yourself from biting midges include:

  • don't water your garden at dusk or dawn
  • turn on fans, to help can stop midges from landing and biting
  • spray insecticide on flyscreens
  • wear long sleeves, long pants, light colours and loose-fitting clothing around dusk
  • replace your outdoor lights with yellow ‘bug’ lights
  • reduce vegetation around the house
  • using mosquito coils or electric insecticide burners.

If you or your family experience discomfort from midge bites, please seek medical treatment.

To report midge infestations on Council property, please call us on 07 3412 3412 or email us at council@logan.qld.gov.au.