Rodents (rats) and mice

Picture of small mouse in the field

Queensland is home to seven species of native rodents and three introduced species. The introduced species have caused a lot of damage to the environment.

Everyone in Logan City needs to help control rodents on their properties. You can help to stop rats and mice entering your home and breeding on your property by:

  • removing all sources of food – don’t leave pet food outside and keep all food in sealed packets or containers
  • removing potential breeding sites – block holes in walls, cover grates or unused pipes, keep your yard tidy and remove rubbish
  • eliminating rodents using bait or traps – you can collect free rat bait from our Customer Service Centres
  • keeping any pet rats or mice in a secure enclosure to make sure they cannot escape.

For more information, please download Rodent control for households in Logan City (PDF 1.37 MB).

To report rat infestations please call us on 07 3412 3412 or email us at