Petition terms of use

Petition conditions

This website is operated by Logan City Council (Council). Petitions to Council are governed by the Logan City Council Local Government and Committee Meeting Code (the Code) at clause 8.1. The Code stipulates the requirements for petitions presented to Council meetings, and the manner in which they are dealt with by Council.

Terms of use

In the 'terms of use' the words 'we', 'us' and 'our' refer to Logan City Council (Council) and the words 'you' and 'your' refer to the person using this website. 

Those who access or use this website are deemed to have accepted the 'terms of use'.

The 'terms of use' include these 'terms and conditions' along with Council's privacy, copyright and disclaimer statements, and other website terms or conditions.

We may amend the 'terms of use' at any time and without notice. The last modified date, appearing at the bottom of the page, indicates the date on which the 'terms of use' were last amended.

ePetition participation terms of use

By participating in an ePetition, you accept the following statements to be true:

  1. You have a legitimate interest in the matter being raised.
  2. You have not previously recorded your support to this particular ePetition.
  3. You are representing personal interests. Otherwise, you are registering someone's interest because they are physically incapable of entering their own details. They have given you express permission to do so, and that permission was not revoked at the time of registering interest.
  4. You have entered your correct details. Otherwise, you entered the correct details of someone whose interest you hold permission to represent. You accept that it is fraudulent to represent yourself as someone else, whether that be a real or imaginary person.

The ePetition and your decision to support the issue will form part of a document that Council receives. Principle petitioners should note:

  1. The document is likely to become a public record.
  2. Your ePetition support will be specifically identified in the document.
  3. On this website, it is not possible to participate in an ePetition as an anonymous person.

For ePetition purposes, your personal details are provided to Council as the Principle petitioner. At its discretion, Council may contact you about the ePetition matter. The ePetition that you submit will be placed on the website with the Principle petitioner’s name.

For any petition, whether submitted via this website or otherwise, Council will verify that at least 10 signatories are authentic. Only the Principle petitioner’s name will be made available on the website.

Updated on 21 May 2021.