Dangerous, menacing and prohibited dog breeds

For the safety of our community, we sometimes declare a dog as dangerous or menacing.

Some of the reasons we declare a dog dangerous or menacing could include that the dog has:

  • injured a person or another animal by biting
  • attacked a person or another animal
  • rushed at or chased a person or another animal
  • been declared dangerous by another council.

The owner of a declared dangerous or menacing dog must meet certain requirements, including:

  • getting a permit to keep the dog and renewing the permit yearly
  • displaying suitable warning signs on their property boundary
  • providing a specified enclosure
  • muzzling the dog when in a public place
  • not taking the dog to off-leash areas.

Where there is a risk to the community from an aggressive dog or where the enclosure is not adequate, our Animal Care Team can seize and impound dogs. The Queensland Government – Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 gives us the power to seize a dog. In these cases, we give the dog’s owner the appropriate notices and information about the process.

Prohibited dog breeds

For the safety of our community, some dog breeds are prohibited from being kept in Logan City (this excludes prohibited breeds that were already registered in Logan City before 30 March 2001):

  • American pit bull terrier or pit bull terrier (an American Staffordshire terrier is not an American pit bull terrier)
  • Dogo argentino 
  • Fila brasileiro 
  • Japanese tosa 
  • Perro de presa canario.