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PD Online

Council's Planning and Development (PD) Online system provides free self-service access to information about properties and development in the City of Logan. This tool can be used for:

  • Development enquiries
    • Search by property to see the development activity for a particular site
    • Search by application to track the progress of a particular development application or review details of it (publicly-accessible documents are available – generally includes the application and material related to the assessment process (plans, decisions etc.). Please note that when searching for a particular application, only the numeric components of the application number need to be entered, e.g. for MCUC/1/2015 please enter 1 then 2015.
    • Review recent activity (e.g. applications lodged or determined this/last week/month)
  • Property enquiries
    • Search for a property and review planning information (e.g. zones, constraints) and development activity (list of applications). Learn more about zoning information (PDF 64 KB)

Free online tools

  • Review key maps from the Logan Planning Scheme
  • Obtain a free property report (planning scheme information e.g. zones, constraints)
  • Review estimated costs applicable to a proposed development on a property of interest (including development application fees, infrastruture charges, environmental offsets (for any vegetation clearing))
  • Receive a free flood level report for a selected property
  • Find out what kind of development is preferred on a selected property and what rules apply
  • Search for a property and review infromation about the installed below ground sanitary drainage system associated with a commercial building or residential dwelling.
  • Use our ePlan (online interactive viewer for the Logan Planning Scheme).
  • Review detailed content from Council's current and superseded planning schemes, the policies and frameworks which guide growth and development in Logan City
  • Download or print specific sections/documents of interest
  • Open Data portal
    • Includes key datasets from the Logan Planning Scheme 2015
    • Provides a Logan City Development Applications dataset which is updated nightly.

For more information or assistance, please contact Council.