Planning and building policies

Policy Policy objective
Bonding of works (PDF 195 KB) Ground rules for the management of all bonds and bonding applications
Earthworks, drainage and soil restraint (PDF 164 KB) To prevent nuisance or damage as a result of siteworks.
Environmental (vegetation) offsets delivery (PDF 233 KB) To outline arrangements under which environmental (vegetation) offsets can be established.
Infrastructure agreements with property owners to install complying swimming pool fences (PDF 129 KB) To encourage land owners to take part in our initiative to achieve compliance with respect to swimming pool fencing requirements
Infrastructure contribution for trunk road network (PDF 116 KB) To make sure developer contributions towards the trunk road network are allocated and managed appropriately
Waiver or reduction of infrastructure charges for community or sporting uses on Council owned or controlled land (PDF 125 KB) To have consistent and streamlined approach to assess applications by sporting or community organisations, or on our behalf, to waive or reduce infrastructure charges for community or sporting uses on land we own or control.
Waterways protection (PDF 124 KB) To achieve sustainability in waterway management, to protect the health of waterways in Logan City consistent with agreed environmental values developed for the lower Logan sub‐catchment. To facilitate a process of familiarisation of the contents of the Waterways Protection Manual for our supervisory employees