Property and procurement policies

Policy Policy objective
Early acquisition of property for Council infrastructure project policy (PDF 195 KB) To ensure Council’s decisions for the early acquisition of property required for a Council Infrastructure Project on hardship grounds are consistent and fair and to enable landowners to be aware of the criteria under which their application will be assessed
Procurement - Buy Logan (PDF 258 KB) To develop competitive local businesses and industry by providing a governing framework to maximise opportunities for local businesses when bidding for contracts.
Procurement (PDF 178 KB) To foster fair, ethical and financially effective practises in all procurement and contracting activities.
Rental of Council owned or controlled land for agistment purposes (PDF 154 KB) To provide a cost effective approach to utilising land identified as suitable for agistment purposes until such time as that land is required for its designated use.
Rental of residential properties owned by Council (PDF 133 KB) To provide guidelines for the tenancy and rental of our residential property portfolio to employees and other tenants.
Social procurement (PDF 168 KB) To support positive social outcomes for the community through sustainable and responsible purchasing and procurement practices.
Telecommunications Facilities on Council Property Policy (PDF 773 KB)

To establish an effective and transparent framework for the grant by Council of Tenure to Carriers over Council Property, consistent with the requirements of the Local Government Regulation 2012 (Qld) and the expenditure of income received from any Tenure arrangements.