Rabbits and hares

Picture of rabbit in grass

Rabbits are banned as pets in Queensland and wild rabbits are declared pests.

It is an offence to keep a rabbit of any variety as a pet. The penalty for illegally keeping rabbits is $65,275.

Rabbits are the most destructive introduced pest in Queensland. They destroy the environment and cost the community more than $600 million every year.

The difference between rabbits and hares

Both rabbits and hares were introduced to Australia by early European settlers.

Hares are an introduced species but not a declared pest.

Hares and rabbits are different.

  • A hare is larger, has longer black-tipped ears, and is less social than a rabbit.
  • Rabbits tend to hold their tail up when hopping away, so you’ll see a white tail 'flash’.
  • Hares tend to hold their tail down when moving, so the white tail is not obvious.
  • Hares live completely above ground, so they do not damage the environment by burrowing like rabbits.
  • Hares don't spread as rapidly as rabbits – they have smaller litters and not as often.

For information about managing pest rabbits on your property, please download Rabbit control and management (PDF 350 KB).

To report rabbit sightings or domestic rabbit keeping, please call us on 07 3412 3412 or email us at council@logan.qld.gov.au.