Rates charges, calculation and land valuations

Rates calculation

To see how we calculate rates, please download the Rates and charges information brochure (PDF 262 KB).

Land valuations and categorisations

General rates are calculated using the land value and land-use category. The rateable value of a property in Logan is calculated by averaging the land value over three years. By taking the average over three years, we aim to ease the impact of major changes in the land value.

To view the land-use categories, please refer to the Rates and charges information brochure (PDF 262 KB).

Objection against categorisation

If you are sure that your property’s general rate category is incorrect, please download and fill in the Official objection form (PDF 61 KB). Please make sure you send your form to us before the due date written on your rate notice.

Lodging an objection will not affect the rate notice we have already sent you. You still need to pay the full amount by the due date. If your objection is approved, your rates will be adjusted, which will be reflected on your future rate notice.

Re-assessment of rates due to subdivision, amalgamation or strata title

We re-assess rates when lots are changed.

When a survey plan is lodged with the Department of Resources, any rates and charges previously levied on cancelled lot or lots will be credited back.

The date of lodgement stamped on the back of the survey plan is the date we will apply the credit from.

We will let the ratepayer know about the rates adjustments by sending a notice with either a new balance to pay or a refund cheque. This notice will finalise the rate assessment for cancelled lot or lots.

The new lot or lots created will have rates and charges raised from the date of lodgement. These charges will appear as supplementary charges on the next rate notice.

Explanation of minimum general rate

Our minimum general rate make sure that each ratepayer makes a reasonable contribution to the costs of our general services.

Properties with a rateable value below and including the minimum rateable valuation are charged the minimum general rate. The charge will depend on the property's differential general rate category.

Minimum general rates are charged in line with Chapter 4, Part 4 of the Local Government Regulation 2012.

Supplementary charges

Supplementary rates or charges occur when there are changes to the property’s valuation or the services available.

The charges are usually calculated on a pro-rata basis from the date the change takes effect.

New building

When you build on a property, services are connected or booked to the property, like water, wastewater (sewerage) and garbage collection.

Supplementary charges apply for these services. Supplementary charges are calculated from the date of connection or booking of the service. The charge will show on the next rate notice.

New development

As a result of subdivision, amalgamation or strata title, supplementary rates and charges will be calculated from the date of change (the lodgement date of the survey plan). Charges will be applied to the new lots’ rate notices.

Account establishment fee

When a property is purchased, Logan City Council charges an account establishment fee of $83.25 for the transfer of property ownership to the purchaser. This fee will appear on the first rates notice issued after the change of ownership is processed. For more information, please download the Account establishment fee fact sheet (PDF 188 KB)