Red fire ants

Picture of red fire ant on leaf

Fire ants are a pest that can have a big impact on native environments and our way of life. They have a painful, fiery sting which, in rare cases, can cause severe allergic reactions.

Managing the spread of fire ants

Fire ant biosecurity zones are in place to stop people from moving materials that could spread fire ants. If you are moving materials from a restricted zone, you may need a permit.

To find out if you are in a biosecurity zone, please view the Queensland Government - Maps of fire ant biosecurity zones

If you are moving materials that could carry fire ants from a non-restricted area, there are procedures you must follow. Please view Queensland Government - Managing Fire Ant Carriers.

Fire ant carriers include:

  • soil (including fill, clay, scrapings and any material removed from the ground at a site where earthworks are being carried out)
  • mulch
  • animal manures
  • baled hay or straw
  • potted plants
  • turf
  • composted material
  • material that is a product or by-product of mining or quarrying (including gravel and sand).

To report fire ants please call Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23.