Regional Arts Development Fund guidelines

Application process

To apply for Regional Arts Development Funding, visit and follow the link to the SmartyGrants application form. Below is an overview of the process:

Submit your application

  • You can call or email us at any stage to ask questions about Regional Arts Development Funding. Contact details are on the last page of the guidelines or see Regional Arts Development Fund.
  • Fill out and submit your application online using the SmartyGrants portal.
  • Please consider and follow the application timeframes for each program when submitting an application.

Application assessment

  • Your application will first be checked for eligibility.
  • If eligible, your application will be reviewed by an assessment panel:
    • Quick Response Grant outcomes are advised up to 4 weeks after application submission
    • Skills Development and Project Grants are assessed twice a year with outcomes advised up to 8 weeks after the round closes.

Outcome advised

  • All application outcomes will be notified in writing.
  • If successful, you’ll be sent a funding agreement.


  • You must deliver your activity in accordance with the application. Any requests to change your delivery and/or budget must made in writing as a project variation before the changes can happen.
  • Our community grants officers will be available to support you during delivery, if required and appropriate.


  • All grant recipients are required to complete an acquittal. To ensure this is successful you must:
    • Keep copies of receipts for all expenses related to your grant funding. You’ll need to attach these to your acquittal.
    • Complete the acquittal within 8 weeks of your planned end date.
    • Any unspent funds will need to be returned to Council.
  • Council reserves the right to include any further conditions of funding, as required.