Risk assessment of Mayes Cottage

Mayes Cottage is a genuine relic of Queensland's pioneering age.

Genuine, because it is almost exactly as it was when it was built over a hundred years ago, in 1887.

This house, and what remains of the slab hut that stands outside, are originals, not reproductions. For visitors this is a rare opportunity to experience a unique part of Logan's heritage.

Mayes Cottage is open Thursdays and Fridays from 10:30am to 4:00pm for visitors, including booked school groups. Volunteers are available to assist visitors with tours.

Council manages Mayes Cottage and has public liability insurance.

Address: 20 Mawarra Street, Kingston

Services offered

Tours of Mayes Cottage and garden, either self-guided, or with voluntary guides.

Large groups and schools need to book in advance. Traditional games, picnic tables and toilets are available to use in the grounds, no bookings are required.

Special clothing or equipment

There are no special clothing requirements. Please keep in mind that Mayes Cottage is not air conditioned or heated. Suitable clothing including non slip shoes in wet weather and hats in hot weather, is advisable.

Special training required: None

Risk assessment - likelihood of injury

Consequence of injury


Highly unlikely




Major injuries



Minor injuries



Negligible injuries




Reason for Risk Assessment rating

A visit to Mayes Cottage would have a low to medium risk for a school group, with the occurrence of injuries unlikely to highly unlikely. In the highly unlikely event of a major injury or illness, Mayes Cottage volunteers would contact the Queensland emergency and / or ambulance services.

The nearest hospital is Logan General Hospital in Loganlea, a ten minute drive from Mayes Cottage. Much of the risk depends on students’ behaviour, as Mayes Cottage environment is considered safe and secure.


Before the visit teachers / carers should brief students about appropriate behaviour. Examples of topics to cover include:

  • walking in Mayes Cottage and garden
  • listening to instructions
  • not touching the heritage collection or buildings in the garden
  • taking care in the car park
  • leaving all items on the bus, e.g. bags, backpacks, drinks and food.

Existing risk management procedures

Logan City Council has acted to minimise all risks associated with visiting Mayes Cottage.

Mayes Cottage has few obstacles and hazards to be negotiated by visitors, especially in the gardens where there are large trees and roots that could be trip and fall hazards.

Fire / emergency evacuation procedures are managed by volunteers and tested regularly. In the event of an emergency students, teachers and carers must follow instructions from volunteers and proceed to the evacuation area outside as directed.