Road signs

Road signs show road users the rules that must be followed on the road.  They also alert drivers to road hazards, can help regulate the flow of traffic and can provide essential information to all road users. 

For more information about road signs and what they mean, please visit Department of Transport and Main Road.

Community direction signs

Community direction signs are used to guide road users to facilities of public interest or non-commercial nature that are located on side streets.

These facilities include:

  • schools
  • churches
  • sporting grounds
  • railway stations
  • hospitals.

For more information, please download our Direction and guide signs policy (PDF 215 KB).

Wildlife signs

Wildlife warning signs are used to help warn motorists to take care to avoid collisions in areas where wildlife may be on the road. As wildlife is commonly found along many roads, particularly in rural areas, it is not feasible to install warning signs on every road where wildlife is sighted.

When considering if a wildlife sign is needed, we consider:

  • the type of animal
  • the size of the animals
  • if there are connecting bushland corridors (wildlife movement corridor)
  • if the animal is environmentally significant
  • traffic volumes
  • number and severity of recorded animal-related crashes, and
  • the recorded number of wildlife fatalities.
picture of wildlife sign with report injured animals to phone 1300 animal

Large warning signs provide a general warning to motorists who may not be aware of wildlife in an area.

Smaller warning signs are used in more specific locations on roads identified as having issues with animals crossing.

Every year, close to 2 million native animals die on Queensland roads. You can help us reduce this number by calling the RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL if you see an injured animal. For more information about what you can do if you find injured wildlife, please see Sick or injured wildlife.

You can also help us gather evidence of wildlife hotspots by reporting wildlife sightings, please see Report wildlife sightings for more information.