Significant trees register form

Nomination Categories

Historic and/or natural value (ie Indigenous/cultivated origin)

  1. Determination of origin as a component of natural ecological community or cultivated/planted as part of historic development of the place;
  2. Including influences by historic figures, events and patterns of development.


  • the tree is the site of an important event
  • the tree/s are examples of remnant vegetation in developed areas.

Botanic or scientific value

  1. Associated with research and educational values, based on integrity, rarity and representative values.


  • Outstanding examples of species - could be old, outstanding in size (height, trunk, canopy), unusual growth form
  • Trees with limited and/or localised distribution that are known to be rare either locally or nationally
  • Trees that contribute to flora/fauna habitat/corridors
  • Horticultural or genetic value - could be important source of propagating stock eg disease resistance, form or colour.
  • Endangered species.

Social, cultural and commemorative value

  1. Focusing on qualities such as the spiritual, political, national and cultural sentiment reflected by the broader population or smaller community groups.
  2. Includes commemorative events


  • Tree/s planted to mark certain points in time
  • Tree/s marking meeting places

Visual and aesthetic value

  1. "Landmark" trees planted to define a location or destination.
  2. Planted or naturally occurring species of outstanding form, health or beauty which are a significant part of the local environment (street, park or natural landscape).