Sports facility guidelines

Our sporting facility guidelines provide you with the following information:

  • Sporting facilities hierarchy
  • Site consideration
  • Clubhouse and car park guidelines and layouts
  • Sports play area guidelines and layouts for 14 different sports
  • Sheds, bench and light layouts.

You can use our PD Hub - sports site plan tool to help you prepare a site plan for a new or existing sporting facility.

You can place the facilities on the map, including playing fields, spectator facilities, clubrooms, parking areas, lights and sheds. (Please note that the PD Hub works best using Google Chrome.)

Commonly used fact sheets

For more information about sports fields and court layouts call us on 07 3412 3412 or email

Facility Planning fact sheets guidelines and layouts

Guidelines Layouts
Athletics Guidelines (PDF 82.8 KB) Athletics Layouts (PDF 1,240 KB)
Australian Rules Football (AFL) Guidelines (PDF 116 KB) Australian Rules Football (AFL) Layouts (PDF 1,000 KB)
Baseball Guidelines (PDF 131 KB) Baseball Layouts (PDF 378 KB)
Car Park Guidelines (PDF 173 KB) Car Park Layouts (PDF 131 KB)
Clubhouse Guidelines (PDF 2,310 KB) Clubhouse Layouts (PDF 2,000 KB)
Cricket Guidelines (PDF 80 KB) Cricket Layouts (PDF 569 KB)

Cycling - BMX Guidelines (PDF 180 KB)

Cycling - Mountain Bike Guidelines (PDF 150 KB)

Cycling - Road (Criterium and Velodrome) Guidelines (PDF 187 KB)

Cycling Layouts (PDF 595 KB)
Equestrian Guidelines (PDF 141 KB) Equestrian Layouts (PDF 204 KB)
Football (Soccer) Guidelines (PDF 185 KB) Football (Soccer) Layouts (PDF 185 KB)
Gridiron Guidelines (PDF 136 KB) Gridiron Layouts (PDF 113 KB)
Hockey Guidelines (PDF 146 KB) Hockey Layouts (PDF 226 KB)
Netball Guidelines (PDF 194 KB) Netball Layouts (PDF 354 KB)
Rugby League Guidelines (PDF 160 KB) Rugby League Layouts (PDF 189 KB)
Rugby Union Guidelines (PDF 171 KB) Rugby Union Layouts (PDF 264 KB)
  Sheds Seating Lights Layouts (PDF 127 KB)
Softball Guidelins (PDF 165 KB) Softball Layouts (PDF 280 KB)
Tennis Guidelines (PDF 210 KB) Tennis Layouts (PDF 219 KB)
Touch Football Guidelines (PDF 169 KB) Touch Football Layouts (PDF 274 KB)