City of Logan Sports Awards

Picture of eight kids running and kicking soccer balls on a sports field

The City of Logan Sports Awards pay tribute to our city’s elite athletes and inspirational sportspeople.

The Awards recognise home-grown sporting icons whose accomplishments have seen them reach the highest level in their chosen sport.

Nominations for the 2020 City of Logan Sports Awards will open in August 2020.

Sponsorships are now available for the 2020 City of Logan Sports Awards. 

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2019 Winners 

Please find a list of our 2019 winners below.

For a list of winners from previous years, please see City of Logan Sports Award winners.



Young Sportswoman

Lyvante Su'emai

Young Sportsman

Connor Gillen

Elite Athlete with a Disability

Nathan Harvey


Clare Polkinghorne


Ashley Moloney

Sports Official

Helen Watkins

Sports Organisation

Logan Hockey Club

Sports Team

Brisbane Roar Youth Team

Sports Event of the Year

Australian Indigenous Football Championships

Master Sportsperson

David King

Sports Coach

Bradley Hindle

Sports Administrator

Janet Coleman

Sportsperson of the Year

Nathan Harvey

Judges Choice

Quota Beenleigh City of Logan Eisteddfod