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Springwood took its name from a 614-acre property on Rochedale Road, between Underwood and Springwood Roads. The property was owned by local publican William Underwood. Brigadier Sam Langford bought the land in 1932. At that time it was known as 'wire paddock' because it was the first fenced property in the area.

The current suburb of Springwood lies to the south of Springwood Road, on land originally owned by W Robinson and Robert Grieve. The area was scrub, with wild brumbies and plenty of wildlife. It had a spring in the middle, hence the name Springwood. Springwood Road was named in 1955, with the name suggested by W F Roche. Until then it was known as Priest Gully Road, which created confusion between it and Priestdale Road.

When the Brisbane Transportation Study was released in 1965, numerous freeways were proposed, including one to link Brisbane with the Pacific Highway at Eight Mile Plains. The projected date of completion was 1970. The Springwood area was planned as a satellite development to be located at the end of the South East Freeway.

The first phase of the freeway development began in November 1968. Freeway construction proceeded more slowly than originally predicted. The first phase, which included Captain Cook Bridge (Gardens Point) was not completed until 1970.

The name Springwood was gazetted by the placenames board in 1972. The final section of the freeway between Logan Road and Springwood Road was constructed between 1982 and 1985, almost 20 years after the first land sales in the area.

Springwood is an established residential area, with three primary schools, one high school and two major shopping centres. Arndale Shopping Centre and the Springwood Hotel opened in 1974, with Springwood Mall being completed in 1986. The first Springwood Post Office was opened in January 1985, with the area previously serviced by the Woodridge Post Office.