How to submit a conforming tender offer

Submitting a tender offer that conforms to requirements takes planning, preparation and correct submission.

Plan your tender offer

  1. Review the Request for Tender
    Make sure that you read, understand, and can meet the requirements of the tender documents.
  2. Closing date for tender
    It is important to take note of the closing date and time. Late offers will not be accepted.
  3. What happens if industry briefings or site visits are required?
    Industry briefings or site visits may be a mandatory requirement of the tender. Usually these happen while the tender is being advertised. If an industry briefing or site visit for a tender is required, this will be detailed in ‘Section 2 – Brief to Tenderers’. It is important to note that if these are a mandatory requirement, then companies who do not attend cannot be considered.
  4. Questions about the tender
    All questions in relation to the tender or developing your submission must be posted via the TenderLink Online Forum. Final date for questions will be detailed in “Brief to Tenderers”. Council may conduct an online briefing session, which would be outlined in “Brief to Tenderers”.

Prepare your offer

  1. Respond in full to the tender evaluation criteria
    We select the tenderer/s from offers received, and who best addresses the evaluation criteria and represents value to Council. Further information on what is required can be found in ‘Section 2 – Brief to Tenderers’.
  2. Online response forms
    Make sure you complete all the Online response forms for Council to evaluate. Also take care to include all relevant information and attachments to support your tender offer.
  3. Include your best referees
    When nominating your referees, please select the strongest and most suitable referees.
  4. Avoid assumptions
    Do not assume the tender evaluation team knows about your business and its capabilities, in particular those who currently work with Council. Only information submitted in your offer will be evaluated.

Submit your offer

  1. How do I submit my offer?
    All tender offers must be submitted using the Online response forms via the TenderLink website
  2. Lodge your tender offer by the due date
    Never underestimate the time required to complete your offer, including the lodgement process. Late or incomplete tender offers will not be accepted.

Frequently asked questions

My tender was not successful. Can I get feedback on how I could have improved my offer?

Council encourages respondents to always request feedback on your submission after the process has been completed, especially if your offer is not successful. Feedback from the evaluation panel can be extremely useful in understanding how your offer could have been improved and help you prepare for your next submission. Please be aware Council can only provide information surrounding your tender and cannot discuss the contents of any other tenderers offer.

I have a complaint about the tender process. Who can I make a complaint to?

Council has a formal complaint management process called the Administrative action complaints process. Find out more about our complaints process

I am a current contractor to Council. Will I be guaranteed to be awarded a contract?

No, there is no guarantee existing contractors will be awarded a new contract. The purpose of Council going to market for each tender is to encourage effective competition. This process promotes transparency and fairness to all tenderers on the basis all respondents will be assessed against the same criteria. When Council selects the successful tender/s, all respondents can be confident that Council has followed strict probity and evaluation guidelines in the evaluation and award stage of the tender process. In every instance Council will only accept the offer most advantageous to it, having regard to the Sound Contracting Principles.

My price was cheap and very competitive. Why wasn’t I awarded the contract?

Price is not the only determining factor when determining value for money. Therefore, having the lowest priced tender will not always guarantee that your tender will be successful. Always refer to the evaluation criteria situated within the ‘Brief to Tenderers’, for further information on how value for money will be evaluated.

More information

For more information and tips on how to submit a competitive offer, email to register your interest at the next Supplier Information Session.