Supported bin service and medical assistance bins

Supported bin collection service

If you are not able to put your bin out due to a disability or impairment you can apply for a free supported bin service.

Our Contractor will go into your property and take the bins out and put them back when they are empty.

On recycling day, the drivers of the waste and recycling trucks will work together. The driver that arrives first will take both bins to the kerbside. The driver that arrives second, will put both bins back inside your property.

You can apply for the service if you meet the following conditions:

  • the house is located within 60 metres of the road
  • there is no one else living at the property who can put the bins out for you
  • bins are stored in a location the driver can easily access 
  • all animals will be locked away at the time of service
  • you provide written support from a doctor.

To apply, please:

Medical assistance bin

If you have a higher amount of waste because of a medical condition you can apply for an extra waste or recycling bin for free. You will need to provide written advice from a Medical Practitioner.

To apply please: