Sustainable living

You can do your part to live more sustainably and help the environment by changing some of your behaviours to reduce your carbon footprint. You could also save some money on your power bill in the process.

How is Council making a difference to our carbon footprint?

In January 2018, we set a target to achieve carbon neutral operations by 2022. These strategies will help us achieve this target:

  • monitoring our carbon emissions
  • avoiding and reducing our carbon emissions
  • embracing renewable energy technology in our city
  • offsetting our leftover carbon emissions.

The Carbon Reduction Strategy and Action Plan (PDF 5090 KB) outlines how we will reduce our carbon footprint.

We have joined 100 other local councils around Australia to form the Cities Power Partnership. Through this partnership, we have pledged to:

  • install renewable energy on our buildings
  • adopt best practice energy efficiency measures
  • set a carbon neutrality target for our operations
  • develop policies to achieve the target
  • support community groups to use renewable energy on their facilities
  • share knowledge and increase community capacity.

For more information about this partnership, please visit Cities Power Partnership, call us on 07 3412 3412 or email us at

Projects we have undertaken to help reduce our carbon emissions

Ammonia-based air-conditioning in the Administration Centre

Ammonia-based air-conditioning is more energy efficient and doesn’t contribute to global warming. This project will reduce our carbon footprint and reduce energy costs.

Lighting upgrades for many Council facilities

Outdated lights often use excess energy. By upgrading lights with modern lights that use less energy and have a longer lifespan, we are reducing energy costs and saving on replacement costs.

Variable speed drive pumps

We have replaced some water pumps with Variable Speed Drives (VSD) pumps. These pumps only work at the required level, rather than working at 100% power, saving on energy costs

Voltage reduction

We have installed voltage reduction equipment for the lights in the gym at AquaLogan Springwood. The lights’ energy consumption has reduced by about 15%.

Hot water systems

The Local Government Energy Efficiency Program helped us replace old electric hot water systems in Council owned buildings with energy efficient solar hot water and heat pumps. Using energy from the sun is helping reduce energy costs.

Street and park lighting 

The Australian Government helped to replace street lights and park lights at 13 locations across the city with compact fluorescent lamps and LEDs. The new lights have reduced our energy use.

Stadium lighting 

We have replaced the stadium lights at Cornubia Insports Centre and Mount Warren Sports Centre with LED lights. The new lights have a longer lifespan and use less energy.

Pool blankets

Pool blankets are being used where possible in our Council pools. They help to retain heat and reduce water heating requirements.

Solar PV

We have installed 17 Solar PV systems on Council-owned buildings. Using free clean energy has reduced electricity costs and our carbon footprint.