Teviot Road upgrade

We have started design on a project to widen Teviot Road between Stoney Camp Road and Gracelands Drive.

The upgrade will help to ensure Teviot Road is able to safely accommodate future traffic demands.

The project is included in our Integrated Local Transport Plan.

For more information, please download Way2Go Plan (PDF 1310 KB).

Why is the upgrade needed?

This project will help accommodate the expected rise in vehicle numbers using the road.

Traffic is expected to increase significantly as a result of residential and business growth linked to the Greater Flagstone Priority Development Area and other local development.

If Teviot Road is not upgraded, local congestion and delays can be expected into the future as the volume of traffic increases.

Project features

The project is expected to:

  • widen Teviot Road to four lanes (two lanes in each direction) between Stoney Camp Road and Gracelands Drive
  • upgrade all intersections along this section of road 
  • improve the access to Greenbank Shopping Centre from Pub Lane
  • improve walking and cycling facilities
  • upgrade bus stops.

Project benefits

The upgraded road will help deliver:

  • improved safety
  • more efficient traffic flows
  • more reliable travel times
  • a boost to the economy - in the short term through construction jobs and in the longer term by improving connectivity.

Property impacts

In some cases we will need to acquire a corridor of land from properties for the wider road design.

We aim to minimise property impacts as much as possible during the design phase. We will engage with property owners and tenants we have identified as being potentially impacted by the project.

Project timings

The project is currently in the preliminary design phase with detailed design activities expected to start in early 2021. 

Pending approvals and funding allocation, construction work may start in early to mid 2022.

We will keep you informed throughout this project.