Policy Policy objective
Customer service arrangements during the temporary closure of a waste and recycling facility (PDF 128 KB) To give alternative options for customers arriving at a waste and recycling facility when that facility is unable to take waste.
Exemptions from waste collection disposal charges (PDF 131 KB) This policy helps decide if an organisation is eligible to be exempt from paying solid waste disposal charges.
Management of waste disposal vouchers (PDF 139 KB) Framework to set out how waste disposal vouchers are produces, distributed and redeemed.
Quality environmental management of Logan Waste Services activities (PDF 149 KB) To protect and, where possible, improve the environment by preventing and minimising the environmental impact of waste services which include waste collection and disposal, resource recovery and recycling, and former landfill management.
Refund of or exemption from waste service fees and charges (PDF 125 KB) To detail the basis for refund (in part or full) of, or exemption from waste service fees and charges.
Terms and conditions of entry and use of Council's waste and recycling facility (PDF 131 KB) To detail the terms and conditions of entry and use of a Council waste and recycling Facility.
Trade waste policy (PDF 355 KB) To define the requirements and standards for all trade waste connections and outline approval conditions and the charging framework.
Waste services and waste management utility charge rates (PDF 209 KB) To implement a sustainable and cost effective system of waste services.