Queensland waste levy

A new waste levy was introduced by the Queensland Government on 1 July 2019 with the aim to reduce landfill and maximise resource recovery and recycling.

The levy applies to all waste disposed in landfill. However, the Queensland Government have made a commitment to make sure households are not impacted by the levy. This means you will not pay more to put out your kerbside wheelie bin or take rubbish to our waste and recycling facilities.

Customers disposing of commercial waste will see increased costs for landfill disposal. Commercial waste customers can avoid and reduce costs through improved recycling practices.

Queensland sends 55 percent of its waste to landfill. Until 1 July 2019, Queensland was the only mainland state without a waste levy. This made Queensland a hotspot for dumping rubbish from interstate.

For more information, please visit Waste disposal levy.

What does the waste levy mean for Logan households?

The levy does not apply to domestic wheelie bin waste or self-hauled domestic waste. We will continue to issue 4 free waste vouchers every year to owners of residential properties. These vouchers can be used to dispose of domestic self-haul waste at our waste and recycling facilities.

What does the levy mean for businesses?

The waste levy will increase fees for customers disposing of commercial waste. Tip fees for the following commercial waste types increased from 1 July 2019 to include the waste levy:

  • general waste
  • commercial or industrial waste
  • construction or demolition waste
  • regulated waste as defined by the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008.

We encourage commercial customers to look at how they can reduce waste, separate waste streams and recycle more to reduce the costs of sending waste to landfill.

How much is the levy?

From 1 July 2024, the waste levy for general commercial or industrial waste will be $115 per tonne (excluding GST). Regulated waste incurs a higher rate.

We collect the waste levy as part of our waste disposal fees.

Commercial customers using the Browns Plains or Carbrook facilities weighbridge sites will be weighed in and out, and a tonnage rate will be applied. Commercial customers using the Greenbank or Logan Village facilities, non weighbridge sites, will be charged a flat fee based on the size of the waste load. Commercial customers are encouraged to use the Browns Plains facility for accurate weight based charging.

Where in Queensland will the levy apply?

Logan City is one of 39 local government areas in the levy zone. To view the Queensland levy zones, please visit Waste disposal levy.

What help is available for households?

Many Logan families are already doing their bit to reduce their household waste and boost recycling. Every small action you take can make a big difference. For more information and resources, please visit Queensland Government - Overview of the Waste Levy.

What help is available for businesses?

ecoBiz is a free program funded by the Queensland Government that helps businesses save money across their energy, water and waste bills. The program helps businesses to understand energy, water and waste costs and shows them how to save money through sustainability initiatives. 

For further information, please visit ecoBiz.

Can I get a waste levy exemption or discount?

Some exemptions and discounts are available from the Queensland Government. For more information, please visit Waste and resource recovery.