Water Wagon

water wagon water cart set up in an outdoor space


Logan residents can now chill out and Choose Tap at selected events across the city with Logan's Water Wagon.

Choose Tap is a community-based initiative that promotes tap water as the healthiest drink. By choosing tap water, you will save money and help reduce the environmental impact of single-use plastic bottles.

The Water Wagon offers free chilled drinking water at selected events. We’re excited to be involved in this great initiative that makes it easier for everyone to access free drinking water at events.


The Water Wagon has five water dispensers on each side. This makes it quick and easy to fill your water bottle.

The Water Wagon uses town water, which we monitor for quality. We make sure our town water always exceeds the requirements of the world-leading Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

We encourage you to Choose Tap at home. Drinking tap water is not only great for your health, it’s also good for your hip pocket and the environment.

  • If you drink 1,000 litres of water from your home tap, you’ll pay just over $4 for the water.
  • If you buy 1,000 litres of water in single-use bottles from the supermarket, you’ll pay more than $600 for the water.
  • Around 40% of all single-use bottles end up in landfill.

When you’re next at an event in Logan, look out for the Water Wagon and refill your water bottle.

Water Wagon events

Below is a list of events that the Water Wagon has already attended:

  • LEAF Logan's Eco Action Festival 2019, Griffith University
  • NAIDOC Celebrations 2019, Gould Adams Park
  • The Village FEST 2019, Logan Village
  • Steam into STEM Fair 2019, Griffith University
  • Colour Blast Fun Run 2019, Griffith University
  • Under the Trees 2019, Mayes Cottage
  • Logan City Council Christmas Carols 2019, Griffith University.

Request the Water Wagon

To request the Water Wagon to attend your event fill in a Water Wagon application form and send your application to us at least six weeks before the date of your event.

For all other enquiries email waterwagon@logan.qld.gov.au