Water meter readings

Your water meter is located at the front of your property, near the left or right boundary. It will have a plastic or metal lid marked water meter.

Every house has its own water meter. In some duplexes, group or strata-titled properties, there may be only one meter for some or all of the dwellings.

Water meters record how much water a property uses. We read water meters every three months. We will add the charges for your water use to your rates notice on the water and wastewater summary page.

How to read your water meter

On your water meter, the black numbers record kilolitres. We will use this information for billing.

If your water meter has red numbers, these numbers are recording litres. You can use the red numbers to calculate daily usage and check for leaks.

You can find help on how to read your meter in our Water meters and water leaks fact sheet (PDF 550 KB).

Working out your daily water usage

  1. Record the numbers from your water meter.
  2. At the same time a day later, record your water meter reading.
  3. Subtract the first reading from the second reading.
  4. This is your household's daily water use.

Keep your water meter clean

Rain and insects can cause water meter boxes to fill with dirt and mud in just a few days.

Please make sure your water meter box is kept reasonably clean and can be accessed at all times. This will help our water meter readers and maintenance staff, and will allow you to keep an eye on your water usage.