Water restrictions

Dam with low water. Dry, cracked banks and dying tree stump.

Water restrictions are not currently in place in Logan. Due to the ongoing drought and poor rainfall near our dams, they are likely at some point over summer.

Logan City Council’s Logan Water will introduce water restrictions when our dams reach 50% capacity. Residents will then be asked to target 140 litres per person per day.

Our current dam levels are 60.9% with residents of Logan using 154 litres per person per day. Information on restrictions will increase as 50% gets closer. 

To find out more about what is happening to prepare for water restrictions, or why restrictions are necessary, see our Preparing for water restrictions frequently asked questions page. You can download our Water restrictions schedule (PDF 1.1 MB) for more information about what water restrictions mean.

You can also find out what happens when water restrictions are introduced on our During water restrictions frequently asked questions page.

Restrictions will focus on outdoor water use. This is where you can reduce your bills with the greatest effect and low effort. Watering outside of the hottest parts of the day, or putting a bucket in the shower and using that, are easy ways to reduce your water use. For more tips on saving water, see Water saving tips at home.

The following videos from Seqwater provide a reminder of some simple things that we can all do to save water

Please visit the Seqwater website for the latest information on dam levels.