Balance and falls prevention

Improve balance, stability and prevent falls with this gym-based class.

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Bootcamp for families

A group training session designed to make health and fitness fun for families.

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Come and learn croquet from qualified coaches. A fun and social game which can be played in singles or doubles for all ages.

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Dancing (Bellydance)

Bellydance for fun, fitness and friendship. Learn bellydance techniques while improving fitness levels, coordination, rhythm and balance in a safe and friendly environment.

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Dancing (No Lights No Lycra)

This fun dance class does not teach structured moves but encourages you to move to your rhythm in a safe, non-judgemental space. The lights will be turned low and the music will be turned up!

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Free Type 2 Diabetes program

An 8-week free, bulk-billed allied health group program for people living with type 2 Diabetes.

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Gentle circuit

This class will increase functional capacity of people at risk of injury or ‍illness. It aims to improve flexibility, core, pelvic and lower back strength.

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Gentle exercise

This light group training class includes resistance, stretching and cardiovascular exercise.

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Young girl and a man looking at small plants

Environmental events and activities

The Environmental Events and Activities Program provides many opportunities for you to attend and participate in environmental events and workshops.

H2: Environmental events and activities
Young girl jumping from one obstacle to another.

KRANK School Holiday Program 5-11 years

KRANK offers free and low-cost school holiday activities for Logan residents aged 5 to 11.

H2: KRANK School Holiday Program 5-11 years
Picture of boy on a bike suspended in the air above a skate ramp. KRANK logo on flag in the background

KRANK School Holiday Program 12-17 years

KRANK offers free and low-cost school holiday activities for Logan residents aged 12 to 17..

H2: KRANK School Holiday Program 12-17 years
Lady in Live Well Logan singlet standing on stage teaching a dance class.

Active & Healthy program

The Active & Healthy program will help you find a free or low-cost activity that suits you, regardless of your age, gender, mobility or work schedule.

H2: Active & Healthy program
A weaved mat of many colours.

Logan Art Gallery events

Enjoy free events and activities at Logan’s award winning gallery. Exhibitions change every six weeks so there is always something new to explore. Everyone welcome!

H2: Logan Art Gallery events
Man and woman lay on a picnic blanket in front of an outdoor cinema screen

Starry Night Outdoor Cinema

Come and enjoy free outdoor movies for the whole family.

H2: Starry Night Outdoor Cinema

Conditions of entry to Council events

To ensure all attendees have an enjoyable experience at Logan City Council events, the following conditions of entry apply:

  • No animals are allowed on the event site, except for assistance dogs with suitable certification
  • No alcohol is to be brought onto the event site
  • No smoking is allowed on the event site
  • Conduct causing a public nuisance is not permitted and may result in exclusion. This includes being drunk or disorderly and creating a disturbance
  • Event attendees must not solicit, display, attempt to sell or distribute any goods or advertising, promotional or political or religious materials (or similar) to any other person
  • The distribution of leaflets, selling of any goods, merchandise tickets or collections at the event is prohibited without the expressed permission of Logan City Council’s Events Team