Logan is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia. We are home to people from 217 nationalities and cultures. Our population is expected to increase to 490,522 people by 2036.

We are managing this rapid growth to make sure our city is resilient and sustainable and to make sure our economy is strong.

We can't create a resilient, sustainable, strong city on our own. We need support from the state and federal governments to deliver important services and infrastructure such as:

  • major roads
  • telecommunications technology
  • community-based infrastructure
  • social services.

We have identified 38 projects that need policy change, financial support or in-kind support from one or both levels of government. We are advocating on behalf of our community to secure the support needed to help Logan become an innovative, dynamic city of the future.

To see a full list of our advocacy priorities for 2017 – 2019, please download the City of Logan Advocacy Strategy 2017–2019: Blueprint for City Transformation (PDF 3.97 MB).

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is the act of speaking on behalf of, or in support of, someone else.

We advocate on behalf of the Logan community to the Queensland Government and Australian Government.

We advocate in many different ways, including:

  • building relationships with people in politics, industry and the community sector
  • meeting with government ministers and senior executives to make sure they understand our needs
  • making submissions during state and federal government budget processes
  • working with local government organisations – including the Council of Mayors South East Queensland and Local Government Association of Queensland
  • mobilising the community to join public campaigns during state and federal election periods.

City of Logan Advocacy Strategy 2017 – 2019

To guide our advocacy efforts, we adopted the City of Logan Advocacy Strategy 2017 – 2019: Blueprint for City Transformation.

The strategy describes our advocacy priorities. Some of our advocacy priorities are long term, and will continue for many years.

For more information, please download the City of Logan Advocacy Strategy 2017­–2019: Blueprint for City Transformation (PDF 3.97 MB).

Annual report

Each year we prepare an annual report to track our efforts relating to:

  • the priorities in the City of Logan Advocacy Strategy 2018 – 2019: Blueprint for City Transformation
  • Logan: City of Choice Leadership 2017 – 19 priorities and actions
  • external funding secured through grants and subsidies
  • regional collaboration.

For more information, please download the 2018 Advocacy Annual Report (PDF 6.4 MB).

Helping to give our community a voice

During the 2017 Queensland election campaign, we helped to give the Logan community a strong voice by supporting an effective community-based campaign.

The FairShare4Logan campaign focused on getting commitments from local candidates and the major parties for five key priorities:

  1. M1
  2. Mt Lindesay Highway
  3. Waterford–Tamborine Road
  4. Salisbury to Beaudesert Passenger Rail
  5. Growing communities in the south west.

The FairShare4Logan campaign includes a website. Before the 2017 election, people could visit the website to sign a petition on the issues most important to them. The issues were then forwarded to local candidates and major parties before the election on 25 November.

The FairShare4Logan campaign:

  • reached 311,000 Facebook users
  • received more than 1,000 petition signatures
  • secured $556 million in total commitments across all parties.