Customer commitment

Our purpose, goals, and values drive how we conduct ourselves and interact with our customers.

Community first

We are committed to a ‘community first’ approach. 

Community first is one of the five Logan City Council values, outlined in the Corporate Plan 2021 to 2026.

It says we work together to know our customers’ needs so we deliver what matters and what makes a difference. We make decisions with empathy and recognise that our community’s needs are at the core of every decision we make now and into the future.

Customer Charter

The Logan City Council Customer Charter is our commitment to putting customers at the heart of everything we do by being easy to deal with, there with you need us, listening and getting the job done. It identifies standards to measure our performance, and provides our employees with clear expectations in delivering service excellence to the community we serve.

Key service standards

We want to be upfront with you about the time it takes to respond to your enquiry, so we have published standards and timeframes by Council area.

Customer Experience Strategy

The Customer Experience Strategy 2020 to 2024 is our commitment to provide great customer experiences now and into the future.

Community Engagement Strategy

Our Community Engagement Strategy reflects our commitment to community engagement. It sits under the Corporate Plan and alongside the Customer Experience Strategy.

The Corporate Plan outlines our vision for the city, our strategic direction for Council and our priorities. It sits at the top of our guiding documents, alongside the Customer Charter.

The Customer Charter flows onto the Customer Experience Strategy, and both guide the key service standards.

The Community Engagement Strategy and Customer experience Strategy sit below the Corporate Plan.