Disability Action

An update on our Disability Action Plan

We incorporated the voices of people with disability, their friends, families, support workers, and service providers into our Disability Action Plan 2023 - 2025 (PDF 5.8 MB). The plan outlines the actions we will take to improve access and inclusion for people with disability in the City of Logan.

By completing these actions, we are aiming to improve outcomes for people with disability in seven key areas of community life:


We have made fantastic progress on the plan so far. Out of 105 actions, 19 have been completed and 31 are in progress. We’ve also delivered several additional actions outside of the plan that improve accessibility in Logan. The highlights are:

  • In partnership with Carers QLD, the Community Development Program delivered disability awareness training to 8 community garden groups.
  • People and Culture have partnered with JobAccess to identify opportunities to support and employ more people with disability, and to ensure our workplace is accessible and inclusive. Through this partnership, Council will be well placed to benefit from the wide range of skills, abilities and qualifications people with disability have to offer.
  • 18 Active & Healthy and KRANK providers have attended disability awareness training and this will become a mandatory session for future providers, ensuring all activities in these programs are accessible and inclusive for participants with disability.
  • The Logan Entertainment Centre has made physical adjustments to wheelchair seats, tables, and the Box Office counter to make visits of wheelchairs users more comfortable.
  • Logan Libraries continue to update their collection, with 92 Dyslexia-friendly titles, 18 Dyslexia Readers titles and 7 Braille books available.
  • The Parks team is currently working on the master plan concept for Alexander Clark Park which includes braille for visually impaired visitors, and Auslan sign language illustrations for the hearing impaired.
  • In line with the Year of Accessible Tourism, Bayside Wake Park and Kingston Butter Factory will be participating in the Access Accelerator Program, an 8-week structured mentoring and guided activity delivered by Spinal Life and Cerge.