Asset Design and As Constructed

What is Asset Design and As Constructed (ADAC)?

Asset Design and As Constructed (ADAC) is a standardised data specification, used for electronically transferring information between asset constructors and owners.

ADAC was named and developed by the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia, Queensland Division (IPWEAQ) in conjunction with a consortium of Local Government agencies in Queensland.

Logan City Council uses ADAC data files along with a special program to connect information from design drawings and actual construction plans directly to our records and mapping systems for assets like roads and buildings. This information can be fed directly into our asset data register and GIS systems.

ADAC Capture Guidelines

We have prepared the ADAC data capture guidelines to assist with making and providing compliant as-constructed infrastructure data and ADAC XML files.

Compliant ADAC XML contain a structured and precise digital record of the assets described in the “As-Constructed” plans and other associated engineering documentation.

Details include survey-accurate cadastral and boundary references, geometries and relative levels as well as detailed asset records and required attributes.

ADAC and Logan Planning Scheme

Schedules 6, PSP 5, Part 5.6 of the Logan Planning Scheme require compliant ADAC XML files to be lodged for all assets classes including:

  • Transport
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Open Space
  • Water Supply
  • Sewerage

This is included in the usual bundle of “As-Constructed” information required by Council as a part of the handover of nominated works and associated donated civil assets and infrastructure.

ADAC for Water Supply and Sewerage Infrastructure Assets

The provision of compliant ADAC XML files has been a requirement for all water supply and sewerage infrastructure assets since 1 July 2013, when the Queensland Government legislated the South East Queensland Water Supply and Sewerage Design and Construction Code (or the SEQ Code).

The SEQ Code applies to all planning, designing and construction of these assets. It is of interest to:

  • developers
  • engineers
  • consultants
  • constructors
  • product suppliers
  • anyone who donates or constructs these assets which will be owned by Councils in South East Queensland.

One key aspect of the SEQ Code is Asset Information Specification (SEQ Code AIS). It specifies the quality, type, format, and completeness of information package required to be submitted by developers. This package includes the submission of a compliant ADAC XML file for all new developments.

ADAC XML files exemptions

Any development that creates equal to or less than 50 meters of water supply, sewerage or stormwater infrastructure or equal to or less than 4 lots will not need to submit a compliant ADAC XML file.

Please refer to the Logan City Council ADAC Capture Guidelines for more information.

Non-Compliant ADAC XML Criteria

The ADAC XML file is not compliant if it does not conform with the schema and data definition outlined in the xsd files for the most recent ADAC version available from IPWEA.

For water supply and sewerage infrastructure, the ADAC XML file is also not compliant if it does not conform with the requirements of the most current SEQ Code AIS.

ADAC version and effective date

The current version of ADAC is 5.01.

For any Operational Works Approvals granted from 1 July 2024, compliant ADAC XML files are to be lodged for all asset classes in the latest version of 5.01 format as part of “As Constructed” handover, subject to the conditions of the planning approval.

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