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Logan Planning Scheme 2015

Draft Logan Planning Scheme

The Logan Planning Scheme helps Council to manage population growth, plan for a sustainable future for Logan, and guide the way land is used and developed across the city.  The current version, Logan Planning Scheme 2015 v5.1, commenced on 8 September 2017 and incorporates the Minor and Administrative Amendment No.3, the Tamarind Street Access Restriction Strip Amendment and the Logan Reserve General Planning Layout Amendment which were adopted by Logan City Council on 28 August 2017.

Your Property

To find out which parts of the planning scheme apply to a property, please use either:

  • the Property Report or Planning Enquiry tools in the Logan PD Hub
  • The property enquiry search in PD Online

Land use and development in the Yarrabilba and Greater Flagstone Priority Development Areas (PDAs) are managed by Economic Development Queensland.

Accessing the Logan Planning Scheme

  • The Logan Planning Scheme 2015 current documents and maps (PDF) can be accessed here.
  • Use the Logan PD Hub to see zones, local plans, overlays and other key maps and access a report for a property of interest.
  • Maps from the Logan PD Hub are also available in raw form (download KML, Shapefile format) on Council's Open Data portal, or via
  • Standard drawings can be viewed here.
  • Superseded planning schemes for the City of Logan, including superseded versions of the Logan Planning Scheme 2015, can be accessed here.
  • To purchase a physical copy of the documents and/or maps of the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 or the superseded planning schemes for Logan, please complete this form (PDF 370 KB) and email to or contact Council on (07) 3412 3412.
  • To view the planning scheme in an alternative format, please email or phone (07) 3412 3412.
  • If you have a hearing or speech impairment, please contact us through the National Relay Service.
    For more information, visit

Improving the Logan Planning Scheme

The Logan Planning Scheme 2015 originally commenced on 18 May 2015 and replaced the three previous planning schemes which were in effect across the city, reducing red tape and simplifying the rules for land use and development.

Council is committed to a framework of regular review and amendment to ensure the Logan Planning Scheme remains relevant and effective.   Please use our online form to provide feedback and for more information, please see Planning Scheme Amendments.

Learn more about planning instruments

To learn more about Queensland's planning framework and the role of the State and local governments in the plan making process, please see the Queensland Government's Better Planning site.

The State Government have produced a useful video which explains planning scheme codes and commonly used terms - click here to view it.

For more information about the Logan Planning Scheme please contact a planner.