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Logan Planning Scheme 2015

Draft Logan Planning Scheme

The Logan Planning Scheme helps Council to manage population growth, plan for a sustainable future for Logan, and guide the way land is used and developed across the city. The current version, Logan Planning Scheme 2015 v5.1, commenced on 8 September 2017 and incorporates the Minor and Administrative Amendment No.3, the Tamarind Street Access Restriction Strip Amendment and the Logan Reserve General Planning Layout Amendment which were adopted by Logan City Council on 28 August 2017.

Your property

To find out which parts of the planning scheme apply to a property, please use either:

  • the Property Report or Planning Enquiry tools in the Logan PD Hub
  • the property enquiry search in PD Online.

Land use and development in the Yarrabilba and Greater Flagstone Priority Development Areas (PDAs) is managed by Economic Development Queensland.

Accessing the Logan Planning Scheme

Improving the Logan Planning Scheme

The Logan Planning Scheme 2015 originally commenced on 18 May 2015 and replaced the three previous planning schemes which were in effect across the city, reducing red tape and simplifying the rules for land use and development.

Council is committed to a framework of regular review and amendment to ensure the Logan Planning Scheme remains relevant and effective, and values the input of the community, industry and other interested parties. To learn more or to get involved please:

  • use our online form to provide feedback about the current scheme. Council reviews feedback periodically, and uses it to inform future amendments
  • see Planning Scheme Amendments for amendments currently in progress and those previously adopted. Information about the amendment process and any temporary local planning instruments is also available.
  • see Planning Scheme Amendments for proposed amendments which are currently open for public consultation. Public submissions supporting or objecting to the proposed changes can be lodged during the consultation period.

Superseded planning schemes

A planning scheme (or version thereof) becomes superseded when a new planning scheme or planning scheme amendment is gazetted. In accordance with section 29 of the Planning Act 2016, a person may ask Council to assess a development proposal under a superseded planning scheme. The request must be made in writing to Council within one year of the effective date of the new planning scheme or amendment. Instruments which have been superseded for more than one year become historic. A development application may not be made under an historic planning scheme.

Documents relating to the superseded planning schemes can be viewed using the links in the table below. For copies of documents which are not available online or for additional information please contact a planner.

Superseded scheme nameSuperseded on
There are currently no versions of the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 which are superseded (see Historic Planning Schemes) 

Historic planning schemes

The table below lists the versions of the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 which are now historic, having been superseded for more than one year. Also listed are the planning schemes which were replaced by the Logan Planning Scheme 2015. This information is provided for information / reference only. Development applications may not be made under historic planning schemes. For further information, and for access to the documents if required (where not available via links in the table), please contact a planner.

Historic scheme nameSuperseded on
Historic Logan Planning Scheme 2015 - Version 5.08 September 2017
Historic Logan Planning Scheme 2015 - Version 4.03 July 2017
Historic Logan Planning Scheme 2015 - Version 3.026 May 2017
Historic Logan Planning Scheme 2015 - Version 2.19 December 2016
Historic Logan Planning Scheme 2015 - Version 2.06 May 2016
Historic Logan Planning Scheme 2015 - Version 1.111 December 2015
Historic Logan Planning Scheme 2015 - Version 1.018 May 2015
Historic Logan Planning Scheme 200618 May 2015
Historic Gold Coast Planning Scheme 200318 May 2015
Historic Beaudesert Planning Scheme 200718 May 2015

Temporary Local Planning Instruments (TLPI)

A Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) is a statutory instrument created under the provisions of the Planning Act 2016,which may suspend or otherwise affect the operation of another planning instrument (e.g. the Logan Planning Scheme), but does not amend or repeal that instrument. The TLPI has effect for a period of up to two (2) years after its effective date, or for a shorter period stated in the instrument, unless repealed sooner.

Generally a TLPI is an interim response that can be made if:

  • there is a significant risk of serious adverse cultural, economic, environmental or social conditions happening in the local government area
  • the delay involved in making or amendment another local planning instrument (e.g. the planning scheme) would increase the risk
  • a state interest would not be adversely effected by the proposed TLPI.

Current TLPI

There are no TLPI currently in effect in the City of Logan.

Expired TLPI

For a copy of expired TLPI please contact a planner.

Expired TLPI TitlePeriod of effectPurpose
TLPI No. 2 (Loganlea to Jimboomba Powerline Underground Area) 2015Commenced on 30th October 2015 and ceased to have effect on 29th October 2016The purpose of TLPI 02/15 was to facilitate the construction of the underground section of the Loganlea to Jimboomba electricity powerline by declaring development for this purpose to be self-assessable, and identifying applicable assessment criteria.
TLPI No. 1 (Logan Interim Flood Response) 2015Commenced on 27th March 2015 and was superseded by the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 on 18th May 2015The purpose of TLPI 01/15 was to manage development in areas of Logan subject to flooding and inundation. It suspended the operation of specific provisions of the three planning schemes in effect at the time across the City of Logan (Beaudesert Shire Planning Scheme 2007, Gold Coast Planning Scheme 2003, Logan Planning Scheme 2006), and applied new provisions.

Previous instruments for Logan Interim Flood Response

Between 2011 and 2013Similar to TLPI 01/15.

Further information

Further information which may be helpful includes:

  • Centres & projects - learn more about planning for the future of key areas of the City of Logan, including Springwood, Beenleigh, Meadowbrook, Logan Central and more.
  • Infrastructure Planning & Charges - learn more about longer term planning for key infrastructure to manage water supply, sewerage, stormwater, movement, parks and land for community facilities as our city grows, and the contributions developers make towards these important resources.
  • Better Planning - learn more about Queensland's planning framework and the role of the State and local governments in the plan making process. The State Government have also produced a useful video (12 mins) which explains planning scheme codes and commonly used terms.

For more information about the Logan Planning Scheme please contact a planner.