bees in a hive making honeycomb

All properties must have a Council approval to keep bee hives.

The table below shows how many bee hives you can have on your property with approval from us.

Property size Number of bee hives allowed with a Council approval
0 to 600 0
601 to 1,000 1
1,001 to 2,000 5
2,001 to 3,000


More than 3,000 15

To apply for a Bee keeping approval, please download our application form (PDF 338 KB).

If you want to keep more than 15 hives, you may need a development approval. For more information please see  Development in Logan .

General requirements

As a responsible beekeeper, you must make sure that the bees do not cause:

  • damage to property
  • harm to human health or safety
  • nuisance
  • disruption to a neighbour’s enjoyment

For more information about Animal Keeping Local Laws, please visit Local Law No. 4 (Animal Management) 2002, or Subordinate Local Law No. 4.1 (Animal Management) 2002 (PDF 474 KB).