Private building certifiers

What does a private building certifier do?

A private building certifier can tell you if you need to get a building approval and help with the approval process.

They will assess whether the proposed work complies with the Building Act 1975 and associated codes and standards. They will also approve the building and lodge the relevant forms with us.

During building, the private building certifier will inspect the building work at different stages. They will make sure the work complies with the building approval.

Some inspections include:

  • site inspection
  • foundation and excavation stage
  • slab stage
  • frame stage
  • final stage.

The private building certifier will lodge the final approval documents with us when the building is finished.

We hold these documents in our records so we can supply them to current and future property owners. Approved building plans lodged with us since July 2018 are made freely available through the Development Enquiry Tool. To find out more, please email us at or contact our team.

Private building certifiers can tell you if you need to get a planning approval or a plumbing and drainage approval.

All building certifiers must be registered with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. Logan City Council does not offer building certification services.

Finding a private building certifier

We are unable to give recommendations about which private building certifier to choose. Most private certifiers advertise their services on the Yellow Pages or White Pages.

Find out more about private building certifiers on the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website.

Lodgement information for private building certifiers

Private building certifiers must lodge the following building application documents with us:

  • building application and associated documentation (DA Form 2)
  • notice of engagement (Form 56)
  • decision notice (Form 6)
  • final inspection certificate (Form 21) or certificate of classification (Form 11)
  • a copy of the plans, drawings and specifications and other stamped approved documents
  • other documents including:
    • fire safety installations and special fire services applying to the building work
    • certificates and information relied on to decide the application.

It is important to lodge documents within legislated timeframes to make sure they are available for current and future property owners. Approved building plans lodged with us from July 2018 will be made freely available online. Other documents lodged are not published.

You can access building forms on the Department of Housing and Public Works website.

How to lodge

Lodge online

Lodge online using our online services application.

If you are a new user you can register online. Registration may take up to 3 business days to finalise. For urgent lodgements email

If you are a registered user:

  • Login to online services using your username and password.
  • To lodge new applications, select the Application lodgement button or select Applications from the menu. Choose the Building works application type and then select Notice of engagement or Building works archival lodgement as appropriate. You do not need to pay to lodge a Notice of engagement. You will be asked to pay as part of lodging the Building works approval documents. Please upload your documents using PDF format.
  • To upload later documents (e.g. inspections, certificates) after you have lodged the application, select General Enquiry > Application Enquiry from the menu, and then choose:
    • Notice of engagement applications to upload a discontinuance or lapse notice
    • Privately certified building work applications to upload inspections and certificates (e.g. Form 11).
      You will see a list of the applications you have lodged. Click on the application number and you will see the details of the application and a Submit response button. Click that button to upload your extra documents. There is no fee. Please upload your documents in PDF format.

To lodge an amendment (no fee will apply) email

Lodge by email

Email to lodge documents electronically.

Lodge by post

Mail your documents to our postal address to lodge by post.

Lodge in person

Visit one of our customer service centres to lodge your documents in person.

Lodgement fees

Fees apply at the application and decision stages. You can find more information about fees and charges in our schedule of fees and charges (PDF 7.30 MB). No fee applies to lodgement of notices of engagement or final inspection certificates.