Contact our team – planning and development

We are happy to help with your planning and development enquiries. 

Our officers deal with a range of matters like town planning, engineering, landscaping, environmental, plan sealing, plumbing and drainage, building, development construction, development compliance, strategic planning and infrastructure charging and planning. 

You can contact us the following ways.



Phone number

General planning and development information enquiries (e.g. what can I build on my property)


Streamlined Services:

  • RiskSmart Planning
  • RiskSmart Operational Works
  • ExpressSeal

We aim to respond to you within 24 hours. Due to a high number of enquiries at present, it may take up to 72 hours for us to respond. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

07 3412 5269

  • Logan Planning Scheme, urban design or strategic planning information
  • Online services / tools
  • Infrastructure charges, contributions and estimate information

07 3412 4247

Building information

07 3412 3412

Plumbing and drainage information

07 3412 4840

Water development services

07 3412 4004


Contact Email address
  • General planning and development information
  • Building information
  • Plumbing and drainage information
Logan Planning Scheme, urban design or strategic planning information
Infrastructure charges, contributions and estimate information, online services / tools
Plan sealing requests and enquiries (including ExpressSeal)
Bonding and street naming requests and enquiries
  • RiskSmart planning requests and enquiries
  • RiskSmart Operational Works requests and enquiries

Water development services. Information about water and wastewater infrastructure, works in easements, infrastructure agreements.

In person

Visit us in person at the Logan Central Administration Centre. At our Planning, Plumbing and Building Counter you can:

  • speak with an officer
  • lodge a development application
  • discuss building works archival (private certifiers)
  • lodge plumbing and drainage applications.

By post

Post all letters to our Post Office Box (PO Box) to make sure we can action them on time.

You can find our postal address on the connect with us page.

Online feedback

We welcome feedback about our development services and online tools. Please give us your feedback through our online feedback form.