Building over or near a sewer or water main

If you plan to build a new structure close to an existing sewer on your property or an adjoining property, you may need an approval. We need to make sure that the works you propose do not damage or block access to infrastructure.

BOONRI applications

The Performance criteria and acceptable solutions for carrying out building work over or near Council's infrastructure are set out in Mandatory Provision (MP) 1.4 - Building Over Or Near Relevant Infrastructure (BOONRI) of the Queensland Development Code (QDC). Please refer to the QDC MP 1.4 for more details.

If your proposal for building works complies with the requirements in MP 1.4 a Private Certifier can assess this as a part of a building application.

If your proposal does NOT comply with MP 1.4, you will need lodge a concurrence agency referral. To check if you need a concurrence agency referral to Council you can:

  • check with your Private Certifier
  • check with your Planning Consultant or Engineer
  • call our Water Development Services on (07) 3412 4004 or email

Lodging an application

If your proposal needs a planning scheme assessment (such as a Building Works seeking a boundary relaxation or where an amenities and aesthetic assessment is required, a Material Change of Use, a Reconfiguration of a Lot, or an Operational Works approval) then the BOONRI component of the proposal will be assessed at the same time at no additional cost.

If your proposal does not need a planning scheme assessment i.e. it only involves building matters, the BOONRI will need referral to Council as a concurrence agency.

The concurrence agency response is required before the Private Certifier can issue a building approval. You will need to complete the folliwing:

For relevant fees and charges for BOONRI Applications refer to page 60 of our Schedule of commercial and other charges.

For more information please call us on 3412 4004 or email