City-wide projects

Next Generation Employment Lands Study

In 2017, we began to develop a Next Generation Employment Lands Strategy for the City of Logan to fast-track the development of employment lands (land zoned for mixed use, low-impact industry and medium-impact industry). The purpose of the three-stage strategy is to:

  • make sure that Logan continues to provide enough land to support job creation, business expansion and new business attraction
  • provide us with clearly defined directions to promote and facilitate the development of land zoned as mixed use, low-impact industry and medium-impact industry
  • inform future reviews of the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 and the Local Government Infrastructure Plan
  • provide certainty for business, investors and the community about our plans for employment lands.

Stage 1 assessed the supply of employment lands across Logan (both developed and vacant). Stage 2 identified strategic actions needed to develop the final strategy (which will be developed in Stage 3). Stages 1 and 2 are complete and we expect the strategy be completed towards the end of 2020.

For more information, please download the Next Generation Employment Lands Study documentation.

For more information about Logan's workforce and industries, please see the city's Economy Profile.