Conveniently Connected (CC) - Quarter 1 2020/2021

Project Target Status Commentary
CC1.1.1 - Deliver a report on the medium term needs for Logan's public transport system. June 2021 On Track In the first quarter project requirements and objectives were investigated.  A consultancy brief was developed with the intent to procure an appropriate service provider in the second quarter.

CC1.2.1 - Complete a condition survey of the sealed road network.

Purpose: Assess overall condition and prioritise future rehabilitation.

June 2021 On Track The road pavement condition survey work has been awarded. The data gathering work is anticipated to be completed by December 2020. Thereafter, the condition data and the data analysis report is anticipated to be received for the assessment of renewal needs by the end of April 2021.

CC1.2.2 - Deliver the annual Road Maintenance Program.

Purpose: Maintain the quality of the local road network.

June 2021 On Track Delivery the annual road maintenance program is currently running on track as at the end of the first quarter. 25% of the program has been delivered.

CC1.2.3 - Deliver the annual road and drainage capital program.

Purpose: Improve active transport across the city.

June 2021 On Track

Quarter 1 Update
The Capital Roadworks and Drainage Program delivers enhanced transport and drainage infrastructure across the City of Logan. The program delivers infrastructure upgrades to cater for improvements and growth across the city as well as renewal of the existing infrastructure network. 

At the end of the July to September quarter, delivery of the Capital Roadworks and Drainage Program achieved $15.9 Million in overall expenditure.

Notable projects delivered throughout the first quarter include:

  • Numerous asphalt and spray seal works across the city, totalling $8.4 Million
  • Numerous kerb and channel rehabilitation projects across the city, totalling $1.5 Million
  • Anzac Avenue Stormwater Channel Rehabilitation, Browns Plains ($0.8 million)
  • Fryar Road Embankment Stabilisation, Logan Village ($0.3 Million)

CC1.3.1 - Deliver construction works for the Compton Road cycleway project.

Purpose: Link the cycleway to Logan Road and provide connections to the Springwood Bus Station.

June 2021 On Track

The $3.2M Compton Road Cycle Way Project is jointly funded between Logan City Council and Queensland Government's Cycle Network Local Government Grant Program. Final grant funding approvals were received in July 2020. Procurement of the construction works, and engagement with electrical and telecommunication utility providors has commenced in the first quarter.

Construction is anticipated to commence in the second quarter, subject to final approvals and coordination of works with utility providors.

CC2.1.1 - Commission the Cedar Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in the Cedar Grove Environment Centre.

Purpose: Improve services to the southern region of the City of Logan.

June 2021 Completed The Cedar Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)  has been commissioned and is treating wastewater from the Greater Flagstone Priority Development Area (PDA).

CC2.1.2 - Deliver master planning works for the Chambers Flat Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and associated trunk infrastructure.

Purpose: Improve services to the southern region of the City of Logan.

June 2021 On Track Site acquisition processes are near complete. Early planning has commenced with preparation of the Recycled Water Strategy as a precursor to discussions with the Department of Environment & Science regarding an Environmental Authority.

CC2.2.1 - Deliver a review of the planning scheme.

Purpose: Enable well planned development for residents and businesses.

June 2021 On Track As at the end of the first quarter, the delivery of a review of the Planning Scheme is on track for the Planning and Environment Committee in November 2020.

CC2.3.1 - Deliver a review of the Local Government Infrastructure Plan.

Purpose: Deliver trunk infrastructure in the City of Logan.

June 2021 On Track As at the end ofthe first quarter, this project is on track for Committee submission in early 2021. Ongoing work with our network partners on the schedule and works is being conducted.