Customer Charter

Man in council uniform in drive through window hands a customer in their car a piece of paper

The Customer Charter is the foundation of Council’s commitment to putting customers at the heart of everything we do by being easy to deal with, there when you need us, listening and getting the job done right.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are people who interact with us whether they are residents, ratepayers, business operators, visitors, contractors, employees, Councillors, or other government and non-government organisations.

Our commitment to you

Putting customers at the heart of everything we do means:

  • understanding your needs
  • engaging with you in a meaningful way
  • having the right processes, systems, and tools to enable our employees to deliver great customer experiences.

Delivering you the best experience

When dealing with you, we will:

  • act in a professional, friendly, and helpful manner
  • treat you with respect
  • listen to your concerns
  • communicate with you in plain and simple language consistently and accurately
  • own our mistakes and work with you to fix them
  • take responsibility of your enquiry, and keep you informed.

How you can help

We want to provide you with the best possible customer service – you can help us by:

  • being patient, considerate and respectful – verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated
  • providing honest and accurate information
  • letting us know when your contact details or circumstances change
  • paying your bills on time or contacting us if you are having trouble paying.

Find out how you can

Provide feedback or make an enquiry

We are committed to dealing with all feedback fairly, confidentially, promptly and in a respectful manner.

We rely on our customers to provide us with honest and fair feedback about our operations and services. This is so we can understand areas of our business that need improving.

Online enquiries and feedback form

Report it

To tell us about an issue or concern that needs action from us, you can:

  • request a service
  • let us know some work is needed (like maintenance for a park, road or footpath)
  • report an issue (like garbage collection, a barking dog or a suspected breach of a local law).

Report it

Make a complaint

Use this form if you are not satisfied with our service, a decision and/or a Council employee’s conduct.

Complaint form

Dispute a penalty or infringement

Use the form if you do not agree with a penalty you have received, or a decision made under a local law. You should provide supporting evidence when you lodge your review. If there is no supporting evidence, the review may not be successful.

Request for review of a fine (infringement) form

Request access to Council or personal information

To find information about requesting access to Council information, see Right to Information and Information Privacy request for documents.

Our Privacy Statement governs how we collect, handle, and disclose your personal information. We protect our customers’ privacy when handling personal information in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009.

Contact options and response timeframes

The Customer Charter outlines target response times for different contact methods.

Channel Timeframe
Online - self-service Refer to our Key Service Standards

3 days - request for service

10 days - response or update
Social media 4 hours

3 days - request for service

10 days - response or update

45 seconds - answer call

1 day - return call

80 percent of enquiries resolved at first point of contact
In person 80 percent of enquiries resolved at first point of contact


Our Key Service Standards outline timeframes and what you can expect in more detail.