Economic Transformation (ET) - Quarter 1 2020/2021

Priority Target Status Commentary

ET1.1.1 - Deliver actions to generate $70 million of investment and 500 local jobs by promoting the City of Logan.

Purpose: Increase local jobs and stimulate economies.

June 2021 On Track

In September, investment announcements to the value of $99.6 million were recorded in headquarters offices, showroom and storage, transport and logistics and retail and services all at Berrinba.  This brings the quarter total investment into the city to $186.55 million far exceeding the annual target of $70 million.

As a result of these investments, 230 new jobs have been created bringing the quarter total of new and retained jobs to 441, which far exceeds the year-to-date target.  It should be noted that these announcements are the culmination of many months engagement with the businesses involved.

ET1.2.1 - Deliver 15 business-relevant workshops for businesses in the City of Logan.

Purpose: Build the capacity of the local economy.

June 2021 On Track Three business relevant workshops were delivered in September bringing the quarter total to 11.  This exceeds the year to date target. Topics included digital marketing, staff management, finance and tendering tips for government business.
ET1.4.1 - Deliver two investment attraction events in the City of Logan.
Purpose: Attract investment and local jobs.
June 2021 On Track No investment attraction events were held in the first quarter. These are being planned for later in the financial year.

ET2.1.1 - Prepare for Council Endorsement a new Economic Development Vision and Strategy for the City of Logan.

Purpose: To attract investment and provide a framework for the community, businesses and investors in the city.

June 2021 On Track Planning for online focus groups to develop the new Economic Development vision for the city.

ET2.3.1 - Plan and deliver the city's first innovation hub (coLab).

Purpose: Support entrepreneurship, scaling businesses and capability uplift. Attract investment and highly skilled jobs to the City of Logan.

June 2021 On Track Planning for the establishment of the City of Logan's inaugural coLab for innovation and entrepreneurship continues with the ambition to launch and begin operations by early December 2020. Current work underway includes the completion and acceptance of the contract Heads of Agreement to confirm intent between Logan City Council and Go1 in regards to the co-location at 2904 Logan Rd (Go1's existing premises) for the first cohort of resident Portfolio Companies. Additionally as this will be a turnkey solution for Council, Go1 under this Heads of Agreement will provision shared services and communal facilities including video conferencing technology and access to meeting rooms and collaboration spaces as appropriate. Lease terms are currently being reviewed by the Council Administration Manager and legal advice has been sought in regards to the Portfolio Company EOI process and the establishment of the terms of reference for a coLab Advisory Board. The initiative remains on track to be operational this calendar year (2020) supported by resident EiR's and industry Mentors with key focus on economic development and high-value jobs for the City.

ET2.4.1 - Develop a combined "Think Local, Buy Logan" social and local marketing campaign.

Purpose: To increase social and local spend in the city.

June 2021  On Track Activities conducted/delivered during the quarter:
  • The 'Think local, buy Logan' project team presented the collaborate approach to increase Councils procurement spend with local businesses to ELT and CLT.
  • Corporate Innovation undertook an extensive problem discovery sprint to better understand our spend with local businesses. Insights and opportunities identified through this process will be used to ideate potential solutions to increase our spend with local businesses.
  • In consultation with Finance, a data cleanse on existing supplier information within Council's financial systems was undertaken to confirm the local status.
  • Corporate Procurement undertook a review and implementation process for procurement activities to monitor compliance and consistent application of our Buy Local Policy. This included action required for non-compliance activities to be addressed and reported.
  • The Corporate Forward Procurement Plan was distributed to Council Managers and Program Leaders. One of the focus areas within the plan was to maximise opportunities for our Local Businesses for large size contractual arrangements.
  • Representatives from Logan participating on Local Buymass tender refresh to maximise opportunities for our local businesses.
  • What is coming up for next quarter?
  • Internal 'Think local, buy Logan' roadshow - Deliver a presentation and training to increase awareness and provide training to Council staff.
  • A better approach to planning for better outcomes – Corporate Procurement will be progressing strategic planning of the Corporate Procurement Forward Plan in consultation with Council Branches to drive best value decisions and maximise opportunities for local businesses.
  • Increased visibility of Council's arrangements when inviting quotations, ensuring local businesses are identifiable.