Heavy vehicle parking

Parking on roads                 

Heavy vehicles cannot park for longer than one hour on roads in built-up areas or in public places. A heavy vehicle is any vehicle with a gross vehicle mass of more than 4.5 tonnes. We regulate the parking of heavy vehicles under our Local Law No. 7 (Parking) 2003.

Heavy vehicles can park for longer than one hour if:

  • they are delivering or picking up goods, or 
  • there is traffic signage allowing them to park.

Some heavy vehicles are exempt from the parking limit, including:

  • emergency vehicles, ambulance, police, fire
  • vehicles parked to check or repair water, power, gas, sewerage or phone lines
  • a Council vehicle
  • a broken-down vehicle
  • a vehicle involved in road work
  • tow trucks loading or connecting to a vehicle
  • waste-collection trucks.

There are some areas in Logan where heavy vehicles can park for more than one hour.  For more information, please download Heavy Vehicle Parking on Roads (PDF 1.4 MB).

Minor subordinate local law 7.2 (Parking) amendment

This local law has undergone a minor amendment process. Four streets in springwood will be removed.

This amendment will not allow heavy vehicles to legally park for more than one hour on the following roads in Springwood

  • Carol Avenue
  • Paxton Street
  • Murrajong Road      
  • Tolmer Place

This will take into effect in 2023. More information will be updated when changes have been made.

Parking on residential properties

Local laws regulate whether heavy vehicles can park on residential properties. The laws exist to help control problems with heavy vehicle noise.

If you want to park a heavy vehicle on a residential property for longer than it takes to load or unload it, you may need a permit.

You may be able to park a heavy vehicle on a residential property without a permit if you are parking:

  • on land that the planning scheme defines as rural, commercial or industrial
  • on land that has a development permit
  • on non-conforming land use rights under a previous planning scheme
  • a motor home, caravan or similar vehicle for private use if it is the only type of heavy vehicle on the site
  • an emergency and public utility vehicle
  • a Council vehicle on Council-owned or occupied land
  • a heavy vehicle while loading or unloading goods.

For more information, please download Heavy vehicle parking on residential premises factsheet (PDF 1 MB).

To apply for a heavy Heavy vehicle to park on residential premises permit, please complete the Heavy vehicle parking on residential premises application form (PDF 720 KB). It costs $345.00 to apply for a three year license for heavy vehicle parking and $179.00 to renew a three year license.  

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